Internalized in the heart and put into practice cohesion combat effectiveness to serve the masses

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5月12日,For in-depth learning and carry out "two learning and one doing" learning education,We will promote comprehensive and strict Party governance at the grassroots level,We will further solve the problems existing among Party members in ideology, organization, style of work, and discipline,Tianfu New District Wan 'an street carried out a wonderful and vivid,Humorous "two learning and one doing" special lecture on learning and education work。The class also invited visiting professors of the Party School of Chengdu Municipal Committee to conduct special party class guidance。

"I voluntarily join the Communist Party of China, strictly observe Party discipline and abide by the Party's constitution.。The person in charge of Wan 'an Street revisited the Party oath with all party members。In the class, Wan 'an Street through the interaction of party members and video explanation in-depth elaborated the great significance of "two learning and one doing" learning education and the profound connotation of doing "four lectures and four" qualified party members。

After class, the leading cadres of the street party members talked about their feelings, feelings and work measures in combination with their actual work。"Through this form of party lessons, our ordinary party members are more easily accepted and have increased their knowledge.。We all agreed that only by constantly pooling ideological consensus can we enhance the consciousness and initiative of the majority of Party members and cadres to carry out learning and education, and enhance the sense of responsibility and pride as a Party member。

The person in charge of the street said that the next Wan 'an Town will also carry out a variety of forms of characteristic activities, through the construction of a new platform to achieve success, so that the people are happy and satisfied。