Sichuan Provincial Committee held a meeting of the Standing Committee chaired by Wang Dongming

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On the afternoon of April 27th,Provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee,Convey and study the spirit of the National Conference on Religious Work,传达学习李克强总理来川考察调研重要指示精神,To study the implementation opinions of our province;Listen to the 2016 famous Chinese and foreign enterprises in Sichuan, the deep integration of military and civilian development of the special promotion activities and Mianyang Science and Technology City construction and development report;To study, commend and publicize the work of 7 poverty alleviation personnel who died in the line of duty。

Conference notes,习近平总书记在全国宗教工作会议上的重要讲话,From the strategic height of the overall development of the cause of the Party and the country,The situation and tasks faced by religious work were scientifically analyzed,Clearly put forward the socialist religious theory with Chinese characteristics,A series of major theoretical and practical problems in religious work are expounded in this paper,It is a programmatic document that guides us to do our religious work well at present and in the coming period。Sichuan is one of the key provinces of national religious work。各级各部门要认真学习领会全国宗教工作会议精神特别是习近平总书记重要讲话,Accurately grasp the central government's positioning of religious work, the Party's basic policy on religious work, the important principles for building positive and healthy religious relations, the important requirements for promoting the rule of law in religious work, and the ways and means of doing religious work well,We will implement this in light of actual conditions。

The meeting put forward requirements for the religious work in our province。First, we must earnestly implement the Party's basic policy on religious work and guide religious circles to work together to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。Second, we should guide religions to adhere to the direction of Sinicization, guide religions with core socialist values, and infiltrate religions with fine traditional Chinese culture。Third, we must strengthen the foundation of religious work at the grass-roots level, and establish a sound network for the management of religious affairs in provinces, cities, counties and villages。Fourth, we must further promote the rule of law in the field of religion, be good at using the rule of law thinking and way to manage religious affairs, continue to carry out the "seven steps of the law", adhere to the equality of all people before the law, and never allow places outside the law, people outside the law, and religions outside the law。Fifth, we need to strengthen the work of religious representatives, support religious groups in strengthening self-development, and provide necessary assistance for them to carry out their work and play their role。Sixth, we must balance the relationship between religious work and other work, adhere to the separation of church and state, properly handle the relationship between religion and ethnic groups, properly handle the relationship between Chinese religion and foreign religions, and properly handle the relationship between religion and the United front。Seventh, we must strengthen and improve the Party's leadership over religious work, the United front department should assume the responsibility of leading and coordinating, religious departments should shoulder the specific responsibility of management in accordance with the law, and all relevant departments and people's organizations should work together to do a good job in religious work。

The meeting stressed that to do a good job in religious work in our province, the top priority is to do a good job in Tibetan Buddhism。We must earnestly implement the deployment requirements of the central and provincial Party committees, adhere to the idea of working in Tibetan areas, and coordinate the "three major issues" of development, people's livelihood, and stability.。It is necessary to strengthen and standardize the management of monasteries, continue to work hard, work for a long time, and take comprehensive measures to promote the adaptation of Tibetan Buddhism to socialist society。It is necessary to do a solid job in the work of representatives, carry out in-depth pairing, and cover the people's livelihood policy to the temples and the majority of monks and nuns。We must carry out a clear-cut struggle against separatism and resolutely bring all affairs in Tibetan areas under the rule of law。It is necessary to continuously strengthen the construction of grass-roots Party organizations, give better play to the bastion of fighting in grass-roots Party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members and cadres, and constantly consolidate the foundation of the Party's governance in Tibetan areas。

Conference notes,在“4·20”芦山地震三周年之际,李克强总理亲临四川视察指导灾后恢复重建和经济社会发展工作,充分体现了党中央、国务院对四川工作的深切关怀和大力支持。全省各级各部门要认真学习贯彻李克强总理重要指示精神,把四川各方面工作做得更好。First, we will continue to step up efforts to promote disaster recovery and reconstruction,Check the gaps and add measures against the reconstruction objectives and tasks,Do a solid job in attracting investment, the development of the three industries, the overall improvement of urban and rural appearance, the reconstruction of sunshine and integrity, the safety of the flood, the prevention and control of local disasters, and the education of gratitude and forging ahead,To ensure the successful completion of the three-year plan for reconstruction。Second, we should better play a strategic supporting role in the development of the western region and the overall development of the country,Always maintain a focus on development,We will do a good job in the "project year",We will ensure steady growth of industry and development of agriculture and the service sector,We will intensify efforts to promote the construction of the Tianfu New Area, new-type urbanization, comprehensive innovation and reform, poverty alleviation, improvement of people's livelihood, and green development。Third, we must strive to take the lead in cultivating and strengthening the new economy,We will promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation,Strengthen the connection between banks, government, enterprises and universities,We will vigorously foster and expand new industries and new forms of business,Giving priority to the development of strategic emerging industries and high-end growth industries;meanwhile,We made solid progress in supply-side structural reform,Promote the transition from a low level of supply and demand balance to a high level of supply and demand balance。

The meeting fully affirmed the achievements of the 2016 Sichuan tour of well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises and put forward requirements for further opening-up and cooperation。It is emphasized that we should do a good job of tracking services for contracted projects,Strengthen factors of production,Ensure the start of production as soon as possible, as soon as possible;We will continue to focus on attracting investment in electronic information, automobile manufacturing, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment manufacturing, aerospace, new energy, new materials, medicine and health,Extend the industrial chain and improve the overall competitive strength of the industry;We will further mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of all localities,While giving full play to the role of major exhibitions and event platforms in attracting investment,Carefully organize the team investment promotion and precise investment promotion work。

The meeting fully affirmed the achievements of the special promotion activities on the in-depth integration of military and civilian development,It is emphasized that we should accurately grasp the important position of military-civilian integration development in our province's comprehensive innovation and reform experiment,We will further improve leadership and work mechanisms,Strengthen coordination with various military industry groups,Promote the implementation of cooperation issues,Promote the development of civilian-military integration in our province to achieve new progress and results。

The meeting put forward requirements for further doing a good job in the construction and development of Mianyang Science and Technology City, and stressed that it is necessary to take the comprehensive innovation and reform experiment as a major opportunity to grasp all the work and promote the construction and development of science and technology city to a new level。

The meeting listened to the work report on the recognition and promotion of 7 people who died on duty while investigating and planning the Xiaoliangshan precision poverty alleviation transportation project, agreed to posthumously award Wang Chuan and other comrades the honorary title of "Excellent Communist Party Members of Sichuan Province", and posthumously recognize Comrade Zou Yang as a member of the Communist Party of China。

The meeting also examined other matters。