"Four measures" to carry out "two learning and one doing" learning education

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First, attach great importance to strengthening leadership。Layer compaction responsibility,Each branch strictly in accordance with the "9 one" (set up a leading organization, issue an implementation plan, set up an office, hang a sign, display a publicity window,Everyone a learning record book, establish a problem ledger, a weekly work brief, complete a work summary) requires the "two learning and one doing" learning education,Effectively ensure that the organization is in place, personnel are in place, measures are in place, and implementation is in place。

Second, do a good job of combining and promoting the whole。The study and education of "two learning and one doing" will be closely combined with the work of promoting agricultural and rural work, poverty alleviation, and the development of "three views integration",Do both, promote;And do a good job of town leadership, village (community) "two committees" to combine the work,To carry out "two learning and one doing" learning education as an important yardstick to test the "old and new" team work handover,Ensure the continuity and long-term effect of learning and education;Combined with promoting the construction of grassroots organizations,Take "two learning and one doing" as an opportunity,We will comprehensively educate and train party members, democratically appraise party members, strictly regulate intra-party life, and create community-level service-oriented Party organizations,We will promote all-round progress and perfection in community-level party building。

Third, classification guidance to ensure effectiveness。Each branch separately formulated a plan according to the actual situation, and specified the task and measure requirements of learning and education。Give full play to the subjective active role of the grass-roots party branch, adapt to local conditions, adjust to post conditions, and flexibly carry out learning and education, which not only reflects strict requirements, but also considers the actual situation, so that learning and education are grounded and lively。

The fourth is to innovate ways and strengthen guidance。The members of the street leading group take the lead in learning, and take turns to "teach the Party lessons" every week.。Each branch timely conveys the arrangement and deployment of the new district and sub-district Party working committee, and makes full use of media such as radio, mobile phone SMS, briefing, exhibition board, QQ group, wechat, and government affairs service platform to push learning content in a timely manner。Organize and carry out the Party's knowledge network competition, guide party members to use the network to study independently, carry out interactive exchanges, and improve the effectiveness of learning。