"Two learning and one doing" characteristic of The Times

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    Carry out a series of speeches on "Learning the Party Constitution and Regulations" among all Party members,Be a qualified Party member "study education,Is the Party Central Committee to consolidate and expand the Party's mass line education practice activities and the "three stricts and three realities" thematic education results,We will further solve the problems existing among Party members in ideology, organization, style of work, and discipline,An important measure to maintain and develop the Party's advanced nature and purity,It is the reinvigoration of Party building。"Two studies and one action" learning education is put forward by summarizing the party's historical experience and practical experience with scientific theory, which has distinctive characteristics and great creativity。 

    The application and development of fine tradition and historical experience in the new situation 

    "Two learning and one doing" learning education emphasizes basic learning and puts learning in the first place, which is the application and development of the fine tradition and historical experience of the Communist Party of China focusing on ideological construction in the new situation。 

    During the democratic revolution, the Communist Party of China attached great importance to the guiding and armed role of advanced theories and ideas, educated its members with advanced ideas, overcame erroneous ideas, and built the Party into the vanguard of the working class under complicated circumstances。This tradition and experience are not only still relevant today, they are even more important。The Party faces the test of governance, reform and opening up, the test of the market economy and the test of the external environment, and the danger of slackness of spirit, lack of ability, alienation from the masses and passive corruption. All the more, we must pay attention to the Party's ideological and theoretical building and ideological and theoretical education of Party members。 

    People's actions come from thought, for Communist Party members, correct ideological understanding, a high degree of ideological consciousness is always the ideological basis for qualified party members。The Party Constitution, as the fundamental law of the Party, establishes the Party's nature, guide to action, ultimate goal and current tasks, and the basic principles governing the Party's activities and life within the Party. In particular, it clearly stipulates the basic conditions, rights and obligations of Party members。All Party regulations are formulated under the guidance of the Party Constitution, which is an important supplement to the Party Constitution, and together they constitute the Party's legal system。 

    In the new practice of governance since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,习近平总书记发表了一系列重要讲话,Put forward many innovative new ideas, new viewpoints, new assertions and new requirements,It has profoundly answered a series of major theoretical and practical questions concerning the development of the Party and the country under the new situation,It has further sublimated our Party's understanding of the law of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the law of building a Marxist ruling party。习近平总书记系列重要讲话是坚持和发展中国特色社会主义的最新理论成果,为我们在新的历史起点上实现新的奋斗目标提供了科学指南和基本遵循。 

    The Party Constitution and Party regulations and a series of speeches fundamentally solve the directional issue of Party building under the new situation, and answer the fundamental question of why and how to be qualified party members。In-depth study of the Party constitution and party regulations and a series of speeches, the standards of party members can be achieved not only to know its nature, but also to know why, to be a qualified party member has a political guarantee and spiritual motivation。 

    Carry forward the study style of combining theory with practice and applying knowledge to practice 

    "Two learning and one doing" learning education emphasizes the key in doing, the improvement of ideological understanding to practical action, adhere to and carry forward the party theory with practice, learning to apply the study style。The Communist Party of China is an advanced political organization that undertakes arduous historical missions, and its members are not mere talkers but practitioners。The Party has always maintained that the purpose of learning lies in application。If we study without actual abstraction, it will become meaningless to sit and talk。 

    "Two learning and one doing" learning education emphasizes the combination of learning and application, the unity of knowledge and practice。The content and method of learning are also very targeted, "learning" should be learned with problems, "doing" should be changed according to problems, highlighting the combination of problem awareness and goal orientation。Further strengthen ideals and beliefs through study,Solve the problem of wavering ideals and beliefs;We will further enhance our political awareness, overall picture awareness, core awareness, and alignment awareness,Solve the dilution of party consciousness,Disobeying political discipline and rules,In the Party do not speak of the party, do not love the party, do not protect the party, do not work for the party;To further establish a fresh breeze and integrity,Solving problems such as using private interests and harming the interests of the masses;Further strengthen the concept of purpose,Solve problems such as negative work, lack of spirit, and moral misconduct。Through "two studies and one action", we can effectively achieve "politics, faith, rules, discipline, morality, conduct, dedication and achievement".。 

    As long as we strive to overcome the air-to-air formalism, earnestly grasp the transformation from learning to doing, promote learning to do, and do the test of learning, we can promote the majority of party members to play a vanguard and exemplary role in production, work, study and social life, so that we can see it in ordinary times and rush up at critical moments。The effectiveness of the Party's ideological education will also be improved。 

    It reflects the new characteristics of strict party governance under the new situation 

    "Two learning and one doing" learning education emphasizes the universality and regularity of education, which reflects the new characteristics and new experience of practicing strict party governance under the new situation。As a systematic project, strict governance of the Party requires, first, the arrest of leading cadres, but also the implementation of grass-roots organizations and all Party members;Second, strict governance of the Party is always on the way, and it is not complete。The CPC is a large party with more than 87 million members, and the quality and performance of its members largely affect the Party's advanced nature。The distinctive feature of "two studies and one action" is that it is fully covered in space, and all party members should be educated and should conform to the standards of party members, without exception;In terms of time, it is not an activity, but a normal education that should be carried out regularly。Therefore, this is an important practice to deepen intra-party education, and an important measure to promote the expansion of intra-Party education from the "key minority" to the majority of Party members, and from concentrated education to regular education。 

    Fully grasp the "two learning and one doing" requirements, hard work, grasp the details and grasp the solid, the Party's ideological and political construction can be grasped in the daily, strict in the frequent, will change some places in the past for the party's requirements lost in loose, lost in soft, tight and loose phenomenon;The majority of Party members also always use the standards of party members to demand themselves and improve themselves。The strict requirements and constraints of the organization and the conscious efforts of party members are combined and promoted, and strict governance of the Party will become the norm, the quality of the majority of party members will continue to improve, and the party's advanced nature and purity can be guaranteed by an important organization。 

    Effective measures for the majority of Party members to purify the political ecology with practical actions 

    "Two learning and one doing" learning and education insist on "doing" is carried out in practice, and is an effective measure for the majority of Party members to purify the political ecology within the party with practical actions。 

    Since the 18th National Congress, the political ecology within the Party has improved significantly, but there are still some unsatisfactory points。How to create political green water and green mountains?The change of the environment in accordance with the activity or self-change of man can only be seen and reasonably understood as the practice of revolution。That is to say, people can not go with the flow in a bad environment, nor can they be separated from the real environment, they should devote themselves to practice with firm beliefs, change the environment in practice, and purify themselves in practice。 

    "Two learning and one doing" learning education is such, this "doing" is not only to transform the subjective world but also to transform the objective world, is the organic combination of the two transformations。Therefore, in the "two learning and one doing" learning and education, the majority of party members should consciously start from me, be strict with themselves, first "reach the standard", affect others with their own exemplary behavior, change the environment, will further form a good political ecology of clean air, healthy and upward, and the construction of Party style and clean government will take a new step。 

(Yao Huan is a researcher at Beijing Center for Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics)