How do Communist Party members "never forget the original heart"

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  习近平总书记在全国党校工作会议上强调:“我们干事业不能忘本忘祖、忘记初心。Communist Party members do not forget the original heart, it is very important to never forget their party membership, always do not forget the solemn oath made when joining the Party。We will carry out "two studies and one action" education throughout the Party,In a sense, by "learning" and "doing.",Activate the original hearts of Communist Party members,Try to be political and have conviction,Have rules and discipline,Be moral and conduct,Speak of dedication and make a difference,We will play a pioneering and exemplary role in the decisive battle to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects。 

  Not forgetting the original intention means a mountain of responsibility。What are the responsibilities of Communist Party members?The pledge to join the Party states very clearly that it is "to uphold the programme of the Party, to observe the Constitution of the Party, to fulfil the obligations of membership, to carry out the decisions of the Party, to strictly observe Party discipline, the secret of the Conservative Party".。The responsibilities of these six aspects are as heavy as Mount Tai, and if one is ambiguous about the responsibilities and requirements of any aspect and fails to implement them, one can hardly be called a qualified Communist Party member。 

  In reality, there is indeed a phenomenon of forgetting the responsibilities of party members。Some ideals and beliefs are shaken, and political discipline is lax;Some speak freely and criticize the Party's major policies;Some openly spread fallacies;Some face to face, behind the other, and so on。Such party members have forgotten their responsibilities as party members。Without the responsibilities of Party members, it is like a horse without a bridle, which has no scruples. It is easy to do things that damage the image of the Party and harm the interests of the people。 

  In recent years, many fallen officials have said in their confessions that they "forgot their oath to join the Party" and "forgot their responsibilities as party members".。This sad repentance, in fact, is "sow melons, sow beans, reap beans", which confirms the old adage: "there is no beginning, there is an end.。As a Communist Party member, we must strive to have the Party in our hearts, the people in our hearts, the responsibility in our hearts, and the commandments in our hearts, and do our best for the cause of the Party and the people。 

  Not forgetting the original intention means bearing as iron。As an old saying goes, "Great things are difficult to bear.。"One person to do one thing, one person to bear" is the responsibility of ordinary people, "the rise and fall of the country, every man is responsible" is the responsibility of people with aspirations。There is no greater responsibility for Communists than to work hard all one's life for the realization of the Party's political program and goals。Our party is a Marxist party that upholds communist ideals and is "a party that knows its goals and how to achieve them."。As a member of this political party, one should have an iron sense of responsibility。With this kind of responsibility,Stand high,Have a broad vision,Have an open mind,Be mentally strong,You can train the Communists' "Kong not bad body";Do not be proud and impatient in victory and prosperity,In times of difficulty and adversity, we will not be depressed or swayed,Able to withstand all kinds of risks and difficulties,It can resist the erosion of all kinds of rotten ideas。 

  To leave the real work and talk about lofty ideals is not a qualified Communist Party member。Contemporary Chinese Communists,What we should do in reality is to closely connect the history of the Party with its historical position and historical mission,Contact the theoretical development of the party,Think deeply and practice,Be active and take responsibility,We will implement the "four Comprehensives" strategic layout and the new development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing in all fields and in their respective positions,Demonstrate the strength of Communists' personality with hard work。 

  Not forgetting the original intention means giving as usual。Dedication is also called sacrifice。The pledge to join the party includes the words "be ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people at any time," which emphasizes the spirit of dedication。The Communist Party of China has the most dedicated and sacrificable political character, and the sacrifices it has made in leading the new Democratic revolution for 28 years are rarely seen in the world。In just one year after the failure of the Great Revolution, more than 300,000 Communist Party members and revolutionary masses were killed across the country。From the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression to the War of Liberation, 3.7 million well-known Communist Party members died nationwide。Today, the leadership of our Party in the cause of reform, opening up and socialist modernization still requires the sacrifice and dedication of Communist Party members。 

  Ideal is only its lofty, need to sacrifice the present;Career is only for the public, need to sacrifice the "ego"。From Jiao Yulu's "heart filled with all the people, but not his own", to Gu Wenchang's "do not engage in revolution with selfishness, single-minded for the people", to Yang Shanzhou's "do revolution until your feet are straight and your eyes are closed", these are the true portrayal of the spirit of dedication and sacrifice。In peacetime, the sacrifice or dedication of Communist Party members is more visible in daily, ordinary, and often, highlighting the critical time and danger。Some people summarize it as: "It can be seen in ordinary times, it can stand out at critical moments, and it can be excluded at critical moments.。As a Communist Party member, you should do it according to the requirements of "can see, stand out, and be excluded", and you should do self-restraint and public service and dedication as usual。 

  The Party school is established and prospers because of the Party, is the main channel for training leading cadres and ruling backbones, and is the main position of the Party's ideological and theoretical construction。Shanghai Municipal Party School plays an active role in promoting the "two learning and one doing" learning education, organizing young and middle-aged backbone teachers to conduct in-depth study and research on the central requirements, with a specific target and perseverance, and write a book called "Iron also needs to be hard.。I wrote the above words around "do not forget the original heart", as their own participation in the "two learning and one doing" learning and education, and the author of this book and the majority of party members exchange。