Firmly believe in Party spirit, be loyal to duty and dare to take responsibility

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    Party spirit is the soul of a Communist Party member, and to uphold Party spirit means to adhere to a firm political stance, political direction and political views, strictly observe political discipline and rules, understand and judge the situation politically, and think and handle problems。Party spirit is the foundation of Communists。To bear the burden is to dare to be responsible, and to dare to bear is to resolutely implement the spirit of the central Committee, to be good at planning, to dare to do things, to be afraid of making mistakes, and to plan work with a pioneering spirit。Taking responsibility is the distinctive character and political essence of Communists。 

    Speaking of Party spirit is the basis of daring to take responsibility, and daring to take responsibility is the embodiment of speaking of Party spirit。For Party members and cadres, speaking of Party spirit and daring to take on responsibilities is a political responsibility, a conduct and a ideological realm, and it is also an important guarantee for promoting work and achieving goals。As a central financial institution, the Bank of China is responsible for maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets and serving the development of the national real economy。Party members and cadres should be fully aware of the economic responsibility, political responsibility and social responsibility undertaken by enterprises,Take the initiative to cultivate good political character,Strong sense of responsibility and feelings for the future and destiny of the country, the nation and the bank,Unite and lead the staff,Escort the implementation of the country's "One Belt, One Road" and RMB internationalization strategies,To firmly promote the implementation of the Bank of China's international network strategy to do its part。 

    Party spirit is the foundation of party members and cadres 

    习近平总书记要求党员干部“对党忠诚、个人干净、敢于担当”,并多次强调党员干部要“心中有党、心中有民、心中有责、心中有戒”。The first of these requirements put forward by the General Secretary is to emphasize the Party spirit。Party spirit is the cornerstone for party members and cadres to establish themselves, careers, opinions and ethics。The current era is an era of great changes and adjustments, and Party members and cadres must be supported by strong Party spirit if they are to better assume their missions and perform their duties。 

    To promote Party spirit, we must have firm ideals and convictions。Ideals and beliefs are the concentrated reflection of political stance and world outlook on the goal of struggle, but also the support and motivation of individual or collective struggle and effort。Communist ideals and beliefs are the spiritual "calcium" of Communists, and firm communist ideals and beliefs are the most concentrated and important manifestation of Party members' strong party spirit。To strengthen their ideals and beliefs, Party members and cadres must arm their minds with Marxism, learn to use Marxism well, consciously use Marxism to understand the situation, analyze problems, and promote work, and consciously use a scientific world outlook and methodology to solve practical problems。Since the 18th National Congress, the Central Committee has put forward many new ideas, new ideas and new strategies, especially our Party's theory on the new normal of economic development, which shows the confidence of the Communists in the road, theory and system in the new era。Party members and cadres must keep pace with The Times and thoroughly study the Party's new concepts, new thoughts and new strategies, resonate with the Central Committee in ideology, politics and action, and put firm ideals and beliefs into practice。 

    To speak party spirit, one must have good political accomplishment。Strengthening political cultivation is an important aspect of party spirit exercise。Party members and cadres should firmly establish the Marxist world outlook, outlook on life, values and correct views of power, interests and status, and establish correct moral views on this basis。Insist on strengthening moral cultivation in practice, always review and reflect on their own words and deeds, with their own exemplary actions to promote the formation of a good atmosphere。Understand the rules and discipline, do the resolute response advocated by the central Committee, resolutely comply with the central decision, resolutely put an end to the central prohibition, set benchmarks at every level, and demonstrate at every level, resolutely distinguish the direction of thought, stand firm politically, and act in step with the central Committee。 

    To uphold the Party spirit, we must have a strong enterprising spirit。Insisting on keeping pace with The Times and pioneering and innovating is an inevitable requirement for the Party to always maintain its advanced nature。邓小平曾经说过,没有一点敢闯、敢冒的精神,很难有大的作为,甚至什么事也干不成。As party members and cadres, in the post should always be full of passion for work, the more in the critical period of reform, the more complex the environment, the more to maintain vigorous work energy。Build up the confidence to overcome difficulties and dare to win;Continuously strengthen the consciousness of high standard work, strict requirements, fine management, and strive for first-class work performance;Actively adapt to the development of the reform situation, forge ahead, demonstrate achievements, and dare to be good at opening up a new situation of various work。 

    Dare to take responsibility is the essential quality of party members and cadres 

    Party spirit is always carried by responsibility and embodied by responsibility。习近平总书记提出好干部的五条标准,其中一条就是敢于担当。Responsibility reflects a person's courage and responsibility。Without the spirit of daring to take responsibility, the vanguard role is impossible to talk about;Without the noble character of daring to take on responsibilities, it is difficult to face up to contradictions and solve problems。Responsibility is an essential quality of party members and cadres, and an important guarantee for promoting work and achieving goals。 

    Dare to take on the big picture consciousness at all times。Good times and bad look at the mind, big things to see the responsibility。Dare to take on, to achieve success does not have to be in me, success must have my realm, the work they are engaged in, the responsibility they assume in the overall situation of development to grasp, to think about, to measure。中国银行有30万员工,在中国大陆有11000多个分支机构,在海外42个国家和地区有600多个分支机构,而各一级分行和总行部门一把手只有不到200人。The leader is not only responsible for the results of decisions, but sometimes takes leadership responsibility for mistakes made by subordinates and even junior employees。As one thousandth of the bank's 300,000 employees, we need to have a big mind and a big pattern, a correct view of personal gains and losses, have a spirit of responsibility, have a strong character and resilience, can be responsible for the long-term interests of the organization, can withstand hardships, bear risks。 

    Dare to bear in mind the purpose of the Party。"Power for the people to use, love for the people, benefit for the people" embodies the nature and purpose of the Party, embodies the party's people-oriented, governance for the people。Party members and cadres should always bear in mind this requirement, establish a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, dare to push the real hard, not afraid of offending people, the heart of the cause, loyal to duty, hard work, solid work, and always full of the sense of urgency and responsibility of not waiting for me。Party cadres at state-owned banks face both customers and lower-level employees,Keep the party's principles in mind,Be responsible for every customer,Think what customers want, urgent customers urgent,Always put customer feelings and interests first;Be accountable to the bottom line and staff,Pay attention to the difficulties and voices of the grassroots,Strive to solve problems and problems for the grassroots,Care about the growth and success of employees,Actively promote the unit's talent team construction。 

    Dare to undertake to insist on being loyal to your duty。Loyalty to duty must dare to be responsible, do not avoid problems in front of pressure, do not dodge in front of difficulties, usually work can be seen, the key moment to stand out, the critical moment to be excluded。To be loyal to our duties, we must bear in mind our responsibility and mission, enhance our sense of danger, and always carry the Party's cause on our shoulders in the face of difficulties, in times of crisis, and under pressure。Only loyal to duty, in order to do a good job, to fulfill the mission, this is the responsibility of the job, but also the value of life。 

    It is the duty requirement of party members and cadres to speak the party spirit and dare to assume responsibility 

    The Party spirit is destined to have responsibility, how much responsibility can we do how much cause, and how much responsibility can we have how much achievement。The title of leading cadres of Party members means not only identity and party spirit, but also responsibility and responsibility。Dare to assume the party spirit is the duty requirement of party members and cadres, reflects the party spirit and consciousness of party members and cadres, reflects the mind and courage of party members and cadres, and also determines the performance of the duties of party members and cadres, the play of their roles, and the size of their contributions。 

    Speaking of the Party spirit and daring to assume responsibility is the attitude of fulfilling the mission。Keep in mind their mission and responsibilities, maintain a spirited state of mind, do not escape from contradictions, do not bow down in the face of difficulties, do not slack off in the face of heavy responsibilities, and effectively share the party's worries for the benefit of the people。In the face of the deep-seated contradictions and problems in comprehensively deepening reform and innovative development, we have the courage to break, the courage to stand up, the courage to grasp good management, and the courage to face the difficulties of reform, not to evade, not to push forward, and to promote innovation and development。It is necessary to strengthen the confidence of Qing Zheng and honesty, take clean politics as the lifeline, in accordance with the requirements of the "three stricts and three realities", consciously strengthen theoretical literacy and party spirit exercise, speak of party spirit and principles, always maintain a healthy taste of life and noble spiritual pursuit, and maintain the noble spirit of Communist Party members。 

    Speaking of Party spirit and daring to take on responsibilities is the ability to exercise responsibilities。Only by strengthening the cultivation of learning and paying attention to practical exercise, can we have the ability to play。增强能担当的政治定力,加强对科学理论特别是习近平总书记系列重要讲话精神的学习,把系统掌握马克思主义基本理论作为看家本领,始终保持敢担当的政治勇气。Take learning as an eternal topic, adhere to the combination of learning and application, learning from books, learning from practice, learning from the masses, and doing middle school and learning。Enhance the ability to tackle difficult problems, in the face of urgent difficulties and dangerous tests, do not shirk or evade, have the courage to chew "hard bones", and lead subordinates to find a way out in the dilemma and find a way in the difficulty。 

    Speaking the party spirit and daring to take on is the realm of doing business。We should not only dare to do business, but also be good at grasping the direction and dealing with people。Standing in the height of speaking the party spirit and taking into account the overall situation, we always have the overall situation in mind, firmly strengthen the party spirit and faith, and consciously put the work into the overall situation of career development to plan and consider。We must have a mind that embraces all rivers and oceans, treat ourselves and comrades correctly, treat the organization correctly, speak of principles in big things, and style in small things, distinguish between public and private, be open-minded, and aim high。There must be an atmosphere of unity and struggle,Both can lead by example to be able to take on the role of the example,We should also pay attention to the establishment of correct employment guidance,Strive to build an excellent team that dares to take on responsibilities;Have the grace to tolerate people and things,Be respectful and tolerant of others,Don't stick to small things or details,Employ people's strengths, make up for their shortcomings;He's got the power to pull it off,In the face of honor do not fight for credit, in the face of mistakes do not push,Keep personal gains and losses in perspective,To be indifferent to fame and wealth, and to be unafraid of humiliation。(The author is Director of the Party Affairs Department of the Bank of China and Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the organ directly under the Bank of China)