Be a qualified Party member of "four lectures and four things"

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   The Party Central Committee requires that through the development of "two studies and one action" study and education, the majority of Party members will be qualified party members who speak politics, have faith, speak rules, have discipline, speak morality, have conduct, speak dedication, and have achievements。This "four doctrines and four features" reflects the requirements of the Party Constitution for Communist Party members, and is the main symbol and prominent feature of qualified party members under the new situation。 

    "Two studies and one action" is the "cell project" of Party building under the new situation, which aims to promote the requirements of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party to take root at the grassroots level, so that every cell of the Party is healthy and every organization is strong 

    The quality and function of Party members are directly related to whether the Party is healthy and the governing foundation is stable。习近平同志把党员比作“党的肌体的细胞”,正在全党开展的“两学一做”学习教育,可以说就是党的建设的“细胞工程”。 

    In the history of world political parties, those big and old parties from prosperity to decline or even collapse, are related to their physical "disease"。The most typical is the Communist Party of the Soviet Union。One of the lessons of the collapse of the Soviet Union is that the grass-roots cells of the party are dead and no longer functional。In fact, the early days of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union paid great attention to the health of the party's body, and Lenin had a lot of discussion on improving the quality of party members and giving play to the role of grass-roots party members before the victory of the October Revolution, and made unremitting efforts。He pointed out: "Even if the name of the party members, even for free, we do not want.。In the world, only a ruling party like ours, that is, a party of the revolutionary working class, does not seek to increase the number of its members, but rather to improve the quality of its membership and to cleanse the party of "intruders."。We have repeatedly re-registered our membership in order to get rid of such "intruders" and to keep only conscious people who are truly loyal to Communism in the party。It is for this reason that the fighting power and cohesion of the Bolshevik Party have been unprecedentedly improved and that they have achieved brilliant achievements in revolution and construction。Unfortunately, the CPSU did not adhere to this concept and measures of party governance later, and even changed its course. Although the number of party members increased, the quality of the party members declined, resulting in the phenomenon of "building a state when 200,000 members were members, defending the country when 2 million members were members, and subjuking the country when 20 million members were members.。 

    Our Party has more than 87 million members and more than 4.3 million Party organizations。If such a large party is to remain a strong leadership core for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and become the most powerful political party in the world, it must maintain comprehensive and strict governance over the Party, educate and manage its members well, and make every cell of the Party healthy and every organization strong。In particular, at present, our Party is leading the people in a great struggle with many new historical characteristics, and is coordinating the promotion of the "four Comprehensives" strategic layout, and it is more necessary to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of each Party member, and give full play to the role of each grass-roots Party organization as a fighting fortress。Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee has made a series of major arrangements for comprehensively and strictly governing the Party。Starting from the formulation and implementation of the eight provisions, the heavy blow under the fierce medicine, cure the whole chronic disease, especially the leading cadres at the county level and above to carry out the Party's mass line education and practice activities and the "three stricts and three realities" thematic education, and achieved remarkable results, the Party's political style is a new one, and the Party's heart and people are invigorated。 

    At the same time, we must be soberly aware that the task of seriously conducting political activities within the Party, carrying forward the Party's fine traditions and style of work, strictly enforcing Party discipline and rules, and creating a sound political environment is still very heavy, and the task of strengthening the education of Party members and building up the ranks of cadres is still very heavy。In particular, the problems existing in the ranks of Party members should not be underestimated, let alone avoided。For example, some party members have the problem of vague ideals and beliefs, the problem of dilution of the party's consciousness and party members' consciousness, the problem of weak concepts of the party's purpose, the problem of lack of awareness of discipline and rules, the problem of moral misconduct, and so on。All these circumstances show that comprehensive and strict self-governance of the Party is always on the way and cannot be achieved in one battle. We must take a serious attitude and perseverance to consolidate and develop the good situation of comprehensive and strict self-governance。This time, the "two studies and one action" study and education is to promote the expansion of intra-Party education from the "key minority" to the majority of Party members, from concentrated education to regular education, and implement the requirements of comprehensively strict Party governance to every branch and all Party members。 

    The "four doctrines and four features" emphasize political qualification, discipline qualification, moral qualification, and performance qualification, so that party members can love the Party in the Party, speak in the party, worry about the party, and act for the Party 

    早在改革开放之初,邓小平同志就指出,我们这个党要恢复优良的传统和作风,有一个党员要合格的问题,这个问题不只是提到新党员面前,也提到一部分老党员面前了。If tens of millions of party members are qualified, what a great force it will be!"Two learning and one doing", basic learning, the key is to do, is to be a qualified party member。So, what is a qualified party member?Facing the "four major tests" and being in the "four dangers", what aspects should Communist Party members strengthen cultivation?根据习近平同志系列重要讲话精神,党中央提出了“四讲四有”这样新形势下合格党员的标志和特质。 

    To speak of politics and have faith, the emphasis is on political qualification, which means to be loyal to the Party, firm ideals and beliefs。习近平同志一再强调,理想信念是共产党人精神上的“钙”,没有理想信念,理想信念不坚定,精神上就会“缺钙”,就会得“软骨病”。Through "two learning and one doing", to be a qualified party member, the first thing to solve is the problem of loyalty to the party, that is, the problem of political qualification。Political qualification, the most fundamental is to enhance political awareness, overall awareness, core awareness, alignment awareness。This "four consciousness" embodies the fundamental political direction, political stance and political requirements, and is a touchstone to test the political literacy of party members。党章党规遵守得好不好,习近平同志系列重要讲话学得好不好,重要的也是看这“四个意识”有没有牢固树立起来。The foothold of the "four consciousnesss" is "congruence consciousness".,要求我们经常主动全面地向以习近平同志为总书记的党中央看齐,Keep abreast of the Party's theory, line, principles and policies,We will resolutely safeguard the authority of the CPC Central Committee and the Party's core of leadership,It maintains a high degree of consistency with the Central Committee in ideology, politics and action,Be politically aware。Whether the awareness of alignment is strong or not, the key depends on the action, that is, we must always do what the Party Central Committee advocates and earnestly practice what the Party Central Committee prohibits and resolutely oppose what the Party Central Committee prohibits。