Sichuan has formulated 12 basic standards for "two studies and one action" in learning and education

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   In accordance with the central deployment requirements, according to the provincial learning and education implementation plan and the Party and government organs and other key areas of learning and education guidance, Sichuan formulated and introduced 12 basic standards for the province's "two learning and one doing" learning and education work, and promoted the implementation of the "two learning and one doing" learning and education tasks to each branch and each party member。 

    Ready to mobilize deployment standards。It mainly includes six tasks, such as making and issuing work plans, improving work mechanisms, reorganizing weak and lax grass-roots party organizations, carrying out "double search and double matching" activities, conducting grass-roots party cadres training by classification, and convening mobilization and deployment meetings。It is clearly required to rectify weak and lax grass-roots party organizations to establish rectification accounts by the end of April,Complete the rectification task by the end of the year;To carry out the "double find double matching" activity, the investigation results should be reported before the end of April,Before the end of August to "lost contact" party members to put forward the disposal of opinions;Complete the full coverage training of party cadres before May 20;The mobilization and deployment meeting will be held at different levels before April 30,The secretary of the Party Committee (Party group) makes a mobilization speech。 

    Theme Party day activities standards。There are two main requirements: First, combined with the mobilization and deployment of learning and education, a theme Party day activity should be generally carried out by the party branch as a unit before mid-May, and Party members should be organized to review the volunteers and vows to join the Party, talk about ideals and beliefs against the volunteers to join the party, and find standards and gaps against the vows to join the party。Second, leading cadres of Party members at or above the county level should take the lead in participating in the theme Party Day activities of the party branch, connect with the reality of personal thought, work and life, take the lead in talking about ideas, understanding, and experience, and set an example for party members。 

    Research standards for thematic learning。It mainly includes five tasks, such as formulating study plans, learning required reading articles well, concentrating on learning by Party committees (party groups), concentrating on learning by party branches, and studying independently by party members。其中,The Party committee (Party group) is required to organize at least one centralized study every quarter,Determine one topic at a time to carry out exchanges and discussions,Each seminar should last at least 1 day,Each team member will make at least one keynote address;The Party branch holds at least one party member meeting every quarter,Organize discussions around one topic at a time,Each topic should be studied and discussed for no less than 1 day,Leading cadres of Party members at or above the county level shall attend at least one thematic study and discussion in their party branch every quarter。 

    Innovative way to teach the party class standards。It mainly includes the establishment of "Party class teacher bank", Party members and leading cadres to take the lead in teaching Party lessons, and various ways to teach Party lessons。其中,The Party committees at the city and county levels and the working committee of the provincial organs, the SASAC and the Education Working Committee of the Provincial Party Committee have established the "Party Class teacher Bank" respectively.,Party members and leading cadres should give a party class at their party branches before the end of June,Give a party class to the party branch of the enterprise where the major project is located or the party branch of the poor village;Party lectures can be carried out in a variety of ways, such as leadership lectures, experts lectures, advanced models lectures, party branch secretaries lectures, and ordinary party members lectures in connection with practice,Each grassroots Party organization secretary should give a party class in the branch,Each party branch shall arrange a party class in conjunction with the commemoration of the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Party。 

    Thematic organization living standards。It mainly includes four tasks, namely, the formulation of special organization life plan, the analysis of party spirit and the search for problems, the convening of special organization life, and the rectification,It requires each party branch to hold a special organizational life before the end of December,In response to the question posed by Char,Comb and analyze item by item,Create a list of problems, corrections, and responsibilities,We will do a good job of implementing the rectification。 

    Criteria for democratic evaluators。It mainly includes the four tasks of holding the democratic review party members' meeting, implementing the procedures of the democratic review, talking about the heart, and making good use of the results of the democratic review。The party branch is required to hold a meeting of all Party members before the end of December to organize party members to carry out democratic evaluation;In combination with democratic evaluation, members of the branch team talk with each party member;Outstanding Party members shall be commended, and those with substandard performance shall be dealt with in a prudent and prudent manner in accordance with the Party Constitution and relevant regulations。 

    Model action standards for Party members。There are mainly three aspects of the requirements, first, the development of party member qualification standards by industry and field requirements by the end of September。The second is to carry out demonstration actions of party members, the creation of demonstration posts, demonstration teams and demonstration units in various industries, in principle, not less than 10% of the respective total number, and each city and county determine 2-3 industries to carry out the creation of demonstration industries of party members。The third is to select and commend advanced examples。Before "July 1", the city and county Party Committee organized departments to accept, recommend, select and name a group of Communist Party members demonstration posts, demonstration teams, demonstration units, demonstration industries and party members demonstration cities。 

    Leading cadres of leading organs should serve as exemplary standards。It mainly includes the formulation of work plans, the implementation of leading cadres to contact and guide grassroots work and contact major projects, poor villages and other systems, the strict implementation of the dual organizational life system, the convening of the democratic life of the Party committee (Party group), the Party committee (Party group) to take the lead in rectification and other five tasks。Party members at or above the county level are required to determine at least one grass-roots party branch as the "two learning and one doing" learning and education contact point,Leading cadres of Party members at the city level go to contact points to promote and guide the "two learning and one doing" learning and education no less than 3 times a year,Leading cadres of Party members at the county level shall not be less than 4 times,The first contact should be made by the end of May at the latest。 

    Hierarchical classification promotion standards。There are mainly four aspects: First, put forward requirements at different levels, distinguish between ordinary party members and party members leading cadres, and county party committees should clarify the learning content, learning methods and practical requirements respectively。The second is to strengthen classified guidance, and the city and county Party committees make targeted requirements and measures for the eight areas proposed by the province。The third is to implement the classification guidance requirements, and the Party committee (Party group) in various industries should make specific, precise and differentiated arrangements for the key contents and organizational methods of learning and education in the field of the industry。Fourth, we should strengthen guidance for weak links such as migrant workers, laid-off and unemployed party members, mobile party members with college graduates, and retired cadres and staff members。 

    Criteria for solving outstanding problems。There are mainly three aspects: First, the Party branch should formulate rectification and implementation plans, and strive to solve eight types of problems such as the vague ideals and beliefs of some party members。Second, the Party committee (Party group) should compare the "three stricts and three realities" requirements and good cadre standards, formulate rectification and implementation plans, and focus on solving five types of problems such as taking the lead in firm ideals and beliefs。The third is to seriously carry out the rectification "looking back", consolidate the Party's mass line education practice activities, the "three stricts and three realities" thematic education, and inspect the rectification and implementation results。 

    Standards for publicity and guidance work。There are three main tasks: opening up learning education columns, doing a good job in pushing learning content, and actively creating a good atmosphere。其中,News media at the provincial, city and county levels set up learning and education columns,The official website (webpage) of each unit will open up learning and education columns (special topics);We should make full use of various media platforms such as website, mobile newspaper, TV column, wechat and wechat to push micro party lessons, micro animation, micro video and other learning content,Use distance education site to push central and provincial party committee teaching courseware in time,Compile and distribute pocket books, knowledge cards and other learning materials;Public service advertisements should be broadcast on television stations at all levels,Set up propaganda columns and put up learning signs at various activity positions。 

    Take good responsibility to implement standards。It mainly includes five tasks: the Party Committee (Party group) to fulfill the main responsibility, the Party Committee (Party Group) secretary to fulfill the "first responsible person" responsibility, the Party Committee (Party Group) members to fulfill the "one post and two responsibilities", the implementation of safeguard measures, and the strengthening of overall consideration。其中,The Party Committee (Party Group) requires quarterly research and deployment of "two learning and one doing" learning and education,Supervise lower-level party organizations once a quarter;The secretary of the Party Committee (Party Group) listens to the "two learning and one doing" learning and education work report at least once a quarter,The grass-roots units guide the "two learning and one doing" learning education not less than 10 times;The members of the Party Committee (Party group) go to the grass-roots units to investigate and guide the "two learning and one doing" learning and education no less than 10 times a year。