Chengdu Tianfu New District: Strictly prevent festival corruption, see what the discipline inspection cadres are busy

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  For the masses, the festival is a time to visit relatives and friends, for Party members and cadres, it is an important threshold to test whether to strictly abide by Party discipline and party regulations, and for discipline inspection cadres, it is a key node to strengthen supervision and inspection and brake the trend of misconduct。For Tianfu New District in Chengdu, this year's Dragon Boat Festival is no exception。

  Lens 1: "biting the ear and pulling the sleeve" reminds normalization

Tianfu New District held discipline inspection work to reaffirm the pre-holiday discipline

  "We should continue to tighten the string of honesty and self-discipline and style construction, strictly abide by the spirit of the central eight provisions, especially leading cadres should take the lead in following the example, take the lead in honesty and self-discipline, and carry forward the new style and integrity.。Before the Dragon Boat Festival, the Tianfu New District held a discipline inspection and supervision work, reaffirmed the holiday discipline, and once again carried out "biting ears and pulling sleeves" on all leading cadres.。

  Pre-holiday reminders have become the norm。Every time before the arrival of important holidays, the General assembly of Tianfu New District arranges and arranges early, reminding all party members and cadres to strictly implement the relevant disciplines and requirements, consciously observe discipline, and do not touch the "red line" and "bottom line" of discipline.。

  "Every pre-festival reminder meeting has been very solid, through reviewing the spirit of the central eight provisions, learning the newly revised" Guidelines "and" Regulations ", watching the clean government warning educational films, etc., so that we have a warning in our hearts and alarm bells ringing。"A street office director attending the meeting said。

  Lens 2: Full coverage of the "clean vaccine" publicity

  "Every festival times think 'Qing', Dragon Boat Festival more discipline.。"Two learning and one doing" tree new wind, strict self-discipline for the new area。Before the Dragon Boat Festival, Tianfu New District Chengdu Commission for Discipline Inspection reminded: "do not forget to clean", "Ode to joy"。I wish you and your family a happy Dragon Boat Festival, happiness and well-being。On June 7, Party members and leading cadres in Tianfu New District successively received a message of clean government sent by the Commission for Discipline Inspection。

  "Every major holiday will receive the Commission for Discipline Inspection clean government SMS, serious yet lively, let us keep self-alert, always tight 'clean self-discipline' this string.。"New District economic development Bureau a party member cadre said。

  The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Work of the New District will take pre-holiday publicity and education as the normal state, and "prevent shots" for Party members and cadres at all levels in the New District through compiling and issuing clean government SMS messages and issuing notices.。此外,Make full use of clean Chengdu Tianfu New Area website and other media,Comprehensive use of text, pictures, micro-video and other forms,We will thoroughly publicize the new situation and new requirements for implementing the spirit of the eight Provisions of the Central Committee and strictly investigating irregularities,Promote Tianfu new wind positive wind discipline with shooting reporting system,Guide cadres and the masses to pay attention to the clues and reports of improper holiday problems。

  Lens 3: "Wide eyes" weave dense supervision network

  "Please show us the key work ledger and financial notes。Tianfu New District Chengdu discipline Inspection Committee inspection team members said to the relevant staff of Dalin street。

  Recently, the deputy secretary of the New District Commission for Discipline Inspection led a team to carry out special inspections on issues such as eating and drinking with illegal public funds, issuing subsidies in violation of regulations, handling wedding and funeral celebrations in violation of regulations, and receiving and sending gifts。The inspection team through the review of official expenditure accounts, study notes, data ledger and other information, detailed understanding of the implementation of the central eight provisions of the spirit and integrity and self-discipline of the provisions of the Dragon Boat Festival to ensure that the wind is clean。

Tianfu New District Chengdu Discipline Inspection Committee inspection team in-depth village (community) to collect opinions and suggestions of cadres and masses

  同时,New District discipline inspection committee to "passive" to receive clues to "active" attack to find clues,2 streets are randomly selected,Go into the village (community),house-to-house,Through one-on-one conversations with the masses,Understand the opinions and suggestions of the interviewees on the construction of party style and clean government in the new district,We will collect clues on hot issues that the people strongly respond to and are concerned about,Extend supervision and enforcement to the end of the base。(Chengdu Commission for Discipline Inspection)