Safety Mind Sports unlimited - Wan 'an Middle School held 2019 Autumn Sports Meeting safety precautions

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       2019From October 31 to November 1, our school will hold the annual autumn sports meeting as scheduled。In order to strengthen the management and safety during the school sports meeting, effectively ensure the safety of the lives and property of all teachers and students, and ensure the smooth progress of the school sports meeting, the Safety Office of Wan 'an Middle School is now reminding the school sports meeting matters for attention as follows:

   1.Pay attention to pre-competition safety education。Before the school sports meeting,All class teachers should strengthen safety education for students in training, competition, transportation, food and other aspects;The athletes should be taught to follow instructions in the game,Respect for referees and opponents;Educate non-athletes during the games,Rest in the designated position,Watch the game in a civilized way,It is strictly prohibited for non-athletes to watch, pick up and run at the competition venue,Long distance events can be appropriately arranged to meet the finish line,Prevent safety problems due to physical exhaustion。Abide by the principle of "safety first, competition second"。

   2.Pay attention to food safety。During the school sports meeting, each class does not buy or eat food outside the school without a license business stall, can not eat while walking on the playground, pay attention to food hygiene, prohibit eating fruit shell snacks, prohibit littering food bags。

   3.In the event of an emergency such as a fall, the medical staff of the Wan 'an Health Center will handle it。At the same time, please prepare some relevant medicines and articles。

   4.When competing, athletes should wear clothing and shoes as required。Do a good warm-up before participating to avoid sports injuries。

   5.During the competition, the referee should remind the students not to enter the safety warning range, not to stay on the track or cross the track, not to stand in the competition area to affect the game and endanger the safety。

   6.People with high blood pressure, heart disease and other conditions that are not suitable for vigorous exercise should not participate in the competition。Note to remind some students who do not participate in medical insurance, be careful to participate。

   7.During the sports meeting, remind all classes to pay attention to the safety of property and keep athletes' personal belongings properly。Pay attention to property safety and prevent property damage。

   8. The class teacher must manage the students throughout the whole process, pay attention to the dynamics of the students, call the roll every day, do a good job in the morning and afternoon, and may not be dismissed in advance every day。

   9.During the school games, students are forbidden to go out and buy things。The School Safety Department will inform the security guards to strictly control the entrance and exit of the school, and will strengthen the campus patrol to prevent students from fighting due to some disputes。

Please the class head teacher, the referees of the games, the athletes do the above safety precautions, the sport highlights the vitality and vigor of youth, but only safety can ensure the orderly progress of the games。