Inherit the spirit of patriotic students and show the style of Wanzhong students -- Wanan Middle School held a commemoration of the 84th anniversary of the December 9 Movement and interpretation of Chinese classics

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In order to commemorate the 84th anniversary of the "12 · 9" patriotic student movement, promote the spirit of patriotism, and show the style of millions of middle school students in the new era, on the afternoon of December 9, Wan 'an Middle School held a memorial to the "12 · 9" movement and interpretation of Chinese classics in the sports field。

After the solemn flag-raising ceremony, the school Youth League Committee organized 24 new students to take an oath to join the league, and encouraged them to study hard, be a good example, and strive to be a good young man in the new era。

Then, the school community to report on the show。This semester,The school has opened a variety of interest clubs more than 20 doors,Students have a high interest in learning,The presentation was wonderful,There are folk dance "Little Sister of Dai Family", instrumental performance "Chrysanthemum Terrace", chorus "Chinese", sports dance club "Youth charm" performance, etc,Volleyball club, robot club, decorative painting club, etc., held VCR demonstrations,The watercolor painting society organized an exhibition of outstanding works,It has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of students to participate in interest clubs。

In the interpretation of Chinese classics class activities, the theme of each grade is different, and the seventh grade brings the class song chorus。Uniform dress, loud singing, singing the characteristics of each class, the spirit of each class。

The chanting demonstration brought by eighth grade,There's "I'm Proud,I Am a Chinese, Ode to the Yellow River, Song of Everlasting Regret,Most inspiring,There is also an impassioned "Young China Says".,The students sometimes sonorous and powerful, sometimes cadence and sometimes low and graceful recitation,It conveys the contemporary youth's love for the classics of Chinese studies,A sense of ambition and responsibility for the revitalization of the country。

The ninth grade gave a classic performance。Each class has brought the widely spread "Zhang Liang worship teacher", "perfect return to Zhao", "Wu Song beat the tiger" and "Meng's mother three moves".。Among them, Mencius and Mencius in the program Mencius and Mencius are played by a pair of mother and son from the class。Their affectionate interpretation tells the true meaning of parents in their children's education, and also reflects the active exploration made by Wan 'an Middle School in broadening the channels of home-school co-education, enriching the forms of home-school co-education, and building the bridge of home-school co-education。The students' humorous language and bold and exaggerated form not only interpreted the classic but also brought joy to the audience. Their wonderful performance won bursts of applause from the audience and pushed the whole activity to a climax。

This activity further inspired the students' patriotic spirit, enhanced their sense of social responsibility and historical mission, and encouraged them not to forget the national humiliation, establish the lofty ambition of strengthening the country, study hard, and build the motherland;It also enhances students' strong interest in learning Chinese classics and inherits traditional Chinese culture。