Learning teacher model, strive to be a "four" good teacher

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12On October 16, the Party branch of Wan 'an Middle School organized a study meeting on Comrade Lu Yonggen's advanced deeds。School Party branch secretary, president Wan Tianliang presided over the meeting and delivered a speech。


Comrade Zeng Shuangyang, propaganda member of the Party branch of the school, conveyed and learned the notice of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China on In-depth learning from Comrade Lu Yonggen in the education system>In the spirit of document No. 10 of the teacher's letter [2019], we organized to watch the feature film of "2017 Moving Figures - Advanced Deeds of Comrade Lu Yonggen"。


School Party branch secretary, president Wan Tianliang stressed,Comrade Lu Yonggen is a model for us to practice the requirements of "four good teachers",As a party member and educator,Comrade Lu Yonggen should be taken as an example,Do not forget the original intention of education,Devote oneself to moral cultivation and cultivate people,Strive to be a "four" good teacher satisfied with the Party and the people,Strive to train builders and successors of the socialist cause with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor。

At the meeting, Secretary Wan gave a clean warning education to all party members, requiring everyone to carefully study and strictly follow the Party rules and discipline such as the "Code of Integrity and Self-discipline of the Communist Party of China", enhance the sense of integrity and self-discipline, speak principles, observe the bottom line, do not touch the red line, and jointly maintain the political ecology of the new District。


Secretary Wan also organized everyone to study the Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Construction of Teachers' Ethics in the New Era jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and other seven departments, and put forward relevant requirements in combination with the actual work of the school。