Comrade Yang Yuandong investigates Wan 'an Middle School

Release time :2020-05-08 09:15     View times :5325

56On the morning of September, Yang Yuandong, member of the Party Group and Deputy director of the Community Governance and Social Affairs Bureau, investigated Wan 'an Middle School, and Zhang Yawen, member of the Party Working Committee of Wan 'an Street and chairman of the Working Committee of the National People's Congress, and related comrades accompanied the research。


Accompanied by Wan Tianliang, Secretary of the Party Branch and principal of Wan 'an Middle School, Deputy Director Yang and his delegation inspected the campus environment, walked into the teachers' office and had a friendly conversation with the teachers, asked about their recent work, and thanked them for their hard work in epidemic prevention and control and online and offline teaching。Then he went into the classroom to check on the teachers and students。During the period, the principal Wan Tianliang reported to him in detail the school's reserves of prevention and control materials, students at wrong times and wrong peaks and meals。


Comrade Yang Yuandong stressed,It is necessary to continue to implement epidemic prevention and control in schools and related work after the resumption of classes,First, we will continue to strengthen education on epidemic prevention and control among students,Enhance prevention and control awareness;The second is to pay attention to students' mental health,Timely channeling education;The third is to do a good job of education and teaching after the resumption of classes scientifically and reasonably;Fourth, strengthen the construction of teachers' ethics,Further improve teachers' moral accomplishment;Fifth, strengthen the management of safety education,To ensure the safety of teachers and students;Sixth, we will do a good job in this year's enrollment and related work as required。


Deputy Director Yang Yuandong's investigation into Wanan Middle School boosted the confidence of teachers and students in continuing to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and daily education and teaching。Under the premise of continuing to regularly grasp the prevention and control work to ensure the life safety and health of teachers and students, Wanren will further improve the quality of education and teaching, consolidate the achievements of the creation of "Chengdu New Quality School", and strive to build a school that the people are satisfied with。