Experts lead, guide and help the development of the group ---- The work seminar of Huayang Middle School Education Group and the workshop of Zhuchang Shuiming Principal Studio were held in Wan 'an Middle School

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        On the afternoon of June 2, 2020, the work seminar of Huayang Middle School Education Group and the workshop of Zhuchang Shuiming Principal Studio were successfully held in Wanan Middle School, Tianfu New District。Group General adviser Professor Chen Anfu, Group General President Zhu Changshui and the group member school level cadres, Zhu Changshui President studio members attended the meeting。The meeting was presided over by the principal of Wanan Middle School in Tianfu New District。


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Wan 'an Middle School Party branch secretary, principal Comrade Wan Tianliang first from Wan 'an middle School for nearly a yearWonderful reports were made in seven aspects, including education and teaching work, features and highlights, and regular epidemic prevention and control education work。

Yang Middle School Group

总校Zhu Changshui, general principal of Huayang Middle School Group, stressed: "Vision determines the realm, and the realm determines the boundary of development。He pointed out: "As party cadres must strengthen their own learning, to take the initiative to learn, really learn, learn from teachers, learn from books, enrich themselves with knowledge, cultivate themselves, and broaden their horizons.。In the face of new policies, we must dare to meet the challenges, but also seize the opportunity to open up ideas and promote work and school development。”

Group General consultant Professor Chen Anfu

Group school-running workGive detailed instructions

        Professor Chen Anfu, the general consultant of the Group, gave detailed guidance to the school-running work of the Group,He starts with the psychology of management,He pointed out that "the level of a cadre is important to analyze problems and propose ways to solve them.,The headmaster should be freed from being in charge,Devote most of your energy to managing people...";Professor Chen emphasized the following three points: First, the school should be teacher-based;Second, education should be based on the development of students;Thirdly, students' development must follow the law of their psychological development。

       Huazhong Education Group adheres to the development principle of "vertical penetration and horizontal alliance",Establish a group school with complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, Effectively promote the quality of education and teaching in the member schools of the group,Make unremitting efforts for students to enjoy more quality education resources,Make due contributions to the development of education in the new district。