Ensuring campus safety through regular prevention and control -- Wan 'an Middle School held a special meeting on COVID-19 prevention and control

Release time :2020-06-23 12:45     View times :5071

In order to effectively strengthen the COVID-19 prevention and control work of our school, adhere to the normalization of prevention and control, and ensure the life safety of teachers and students, Wan 'an Middle School organized a special work on COVID-19 prevention and control on June 17, 2020。All the administration, class teachers, teaching and research leaders, cafeteria staff and security personnel attended the meeting。


The meeting was chaired by Vice President Zhang Guoli。First of all, Vice President Zhang made specific arrangements for the regular prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic。Vice President Zhang talked about the following aspects:

1. Personal protection for teachers and students。Teachers and students should adhere to temperature check and health clock every day;Minimize gathering, and keep personnel spacing when going out;Wash hands frequently, wear a mask and disinfect frequently;Go out to implement the record examination and approval system, for contact with high-risk areas to report。

2. Class prevention and control。Head teachers should do a good job of publicity and education on epidemic prevention and control;Every day to the students should be "morning, afternoon and evening" three checks;Keep the classroom ventilated;

3. Food safety。Canteen workers should do a good job of personal protection;Food delivery personnel to check the "health code";Do a good job of inspection of food ingredients, to ensure the freshness, hygiene and safety of dishes。

At the same time, Zhang also asked the head teacher to remind parents to do a good job of personal epidemic prevention and control, reduce going out, and avoid gathering contacts。

Finally, President Wan Tianliang put forward three requirements on epidemic prevention and control。

First, strengthen the understanding of epidemic prevention and control。The second is to combine the new situation, new requirements, optimize the plan, and timely communicate to the class students and teachers。Third, strictly implement the requirements of relevant prevention and control systems to ensure that nothing goes wrong。


Through the convening of this work, teachers and relevant personnel once again improved their understanding of epidemic prevention and control, clarified the specific requirements of regular epidemic prevention and control, built a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control, and ensured campus safety。