The investigation is prepared for safety constantly unremitting - Wan 'an Middle School to carry out security hidden danger investigation activities

Release time :2020-06-23 12:59     View times :4982

In order to effectively do a good job of campus flood safety, on the morning of June 19, 2020, Wan 'an Middle School organized a flood season safety hazard investigation activity。


The security investigation by Wan 'an middle School Party branch secretary, principal Wan Tianliang personally led the team。President Wan led the members of the security team to conduct a detailed investigation of the key parts of the campus wall, laboratory dangerous chemicals, fire facilities, guard room and so on。Food safety is also a top priority related to the safety of teachers and students, and the inspection team conducted a thorough investigation of the hygiene, disinfection facilities, fire facilities, cabinets and so on。President Wan put forward requirements to the canteen staff to standardize the operation process of the canteen, standardize the operation procedure, and ensure the safety of food while fully guaranteeing the nutrition of dishes.


After the inspection,President Wan stressed: safety is no small matter,Any one security breach could cause a big problem,The hidden dangers should be promptly implemented and rectified,Especially the summer flood season is coming,Be prepared,Nip it in the bud,Strive to create a safe environment for teachers and students,So that teachers and students can safely study, work and live on campus。