Love helps ignite hope - Wanan Middle School teachers and students held a charity donation activity for Ma Dezhi, who is seriously ill

Release time :2020-09-27 11:30     View times :5336

When we laugh heartily in the warm autumn sun, enjoy the comfort of life, when we get together with our families, enjoy the happy time of the family, when we sit in the spacious classroom, focus on listening to the teacher, do you ever think that there is a young man around you in pain and struggle with illness?He is Ma Dezhi from Class Three, Grade Eight, in our school。Fate seems to be playing a huge joke with this 15-year-old boy :9 years old was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus (one of the nine major diseases), has now developed to the third stage of kidney disease, is doing kidney dialysis in the hospital, follow-up treatment is also facing kidney replacement。The high cost of treatment was a bolt from the blue for an already financially strapped family, leaving the family deeply in debt and desperate。

"Disease is merciless, there is love."。After learning this news, the Youth League Committee and the Youth Working Committee of Wan 'an Middle School immediately issued the initiative of "donating money to Ma Dezhi students" to the whole school。On the morning of September 25, a warm love donation ceremony was held in the stadium。Vice President Zhang Guoli put the donations of the whole school staff into the donation box, and then the class leaders put the donations bearing the love and blessings of the classmates Ma Dezhi into the donation box。The donation received a total of 20284 teachers and students.9元。

At noon on the day, the donation handover ceremony was held in the conference room。Wan Tianliang, secretary of the Party Branch and president of the university, Zhang Guoli, vice president of the university, Xiong Min, director of moral education and representatives of teachers and students attended the handover ceremony。Wan Tianliang, the school's party branch secretary and principal, personally handed over the donations to Ma Dezhi's father,Told him to actively cooperate with the hospital to cure the child's disease,If there is any difficulty, we can respond to the school in time,On behalf of the whole school, I wish Ma Dezhi a speedy recovery,Back to his beloved Wanzhong campus!Ma Dezhi's father said with tears in his eyes, "Thank you for your school!Thank the teacher!Thank you to the students and parents!With a deep bow, he expressed his and his family's gratitude to all the teachers and students。

Although this donation may only be a drop in the bucket for the huge medical expenses, we believe that the love of everyone will surely send warmth to Ma Dezhi and enhance his confidence and courage to overcome the disease。All the teachers and students of Wanzhong sincerely wish him a speedy recovery and return to the beautiful Wanzhong campus and to his teachers and classmates!