Please speak Mandarin and write standard characters

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Mandarin is the national language。The promotion of Mandarin and standardized characters is of great significance to national unity, ethnic unity and economic take-off。The degree of civilization of the language used in a region directly reflects the process of its spiritual civilization construction。The campus is also the same, the popularization of Putonghua and standardized characters on campus can improve the communication effect, standardize the words and deeds of teachers and students, improve the civilized awareness of teachers and students, and beautify the campus education environment。In order to vigorously promote and standardize the use of standard Chinese language, improve the application ability of Chinese language, and jointly build the Chinese dream of Chinese language, our school hereby issues the following proposals to the students of the whole school:

  1.Actively learn, use Mandarin, standard characters。

  2.Insist on using Mandarin in classroom communication with teachers and classmates, and be able to achieve accuracy and fluency。

  3.When answering questions in class, discussing problems with classmates after class, and asking questions from teachers, we should use Mandarin and standard characters, and gradually develop the habit of speaking Mandarin and writing standard characters。

  4.Use Mandarin to communicate with classmates in campus life and form a good language communication environment。

  5.Try to encourage family members to use Mandarin and standard characters in family life, and actively promote Mandarin and standard characters within the scope of their ability。

  6.Try to adhere to the use of Mandarin and standard characters in social life, to shape the image of the city and improve the degree of urban civilization。

  I hope all students can take active action, start from me, start from now on, make Mandarin and standard characters become the main communication tools for our study and life, let us use Mandarin to meet guests from all over the world, let us use standard characters to write a colorful world。

  I believe that with the joint efforts of our teachers and students, our school will surely form a strong atmosphere of learning and using Mandarin and standardized characters, and become a beautiful campus with flowers of civilization。