A warm reminder from Wan 'an Middle School in Tianfu New District, Chengdu, on continuing to do a good job in COVID-19 prevention and control

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Warm tips on COVID-19 prevention and control

Dear parents and students,

       Hello, everyone!Recently, a small cluster of outbreaks occurred in some places in Chengdu, and the COVID-19 prevention and control situation is still grim. We must overcome the paralyzing mentality, lucky mind and relaxed attitude to ensure the safety and health of teachers and students。In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in our school, we hereby remind you of relevant matters as follows. We hope to continue to get your understanding, support and cooperation。

1. Strengthen investigation and report truthfully。

       Please continue to pay attention to the official list of medium-high risk areas. If you have a recent history of living in medium-high risk areas, especially if you visited the relevant key areas where the epidemic occurred in 郫 last weekend, please take the initiative to report the relevant situation to the community and the head teacher of the school, and cooperate with the prevention and control work according to the relevant prevention and control requirements。Please do not travel to high or medium risk areas or have close contact with people who have a history of travel in these areas。

Second, pay attention to personal hygiene, do a good job of personal protection。

       Minimize unnecessary outings, dinners, parties, etc.Wear a mask if you do need to go out,Maintain a safe social distance from others;Wash hands and disinfect frequently,Keep long ventilation in the room,Develop good health habits and living habits;It is recommended to prepare some epidemic prevention supplies at home;Children go to and from school,Try to avoid places where people gather,Use public transportation less,Keep "two points and one line" (school, home)。

Third, pay attention to the health and safety of food and articles。

       When purchasing and processing seafood, poultry and other fresh food, especially chilled and frozen food, pay attention to hand hygiene and avoid touching the mouth, nose and eyes with your hands;Separate cutting boards, knives and containers for raw and cooked food to avoid cross-contamination;Food should be cooked thoroughly to ensure food safety。If you purchase items through e-commerce, wechat business and other channels, the outer package of the express should be disinfected before it can be brought into the room. Pay attention to protective measures when touching the outer package, and wash your hands and disinfect them in time after processing。

Fourth, continue to do a good job of "zero report" and "daily report" work。

       Insist on "health clock" every day, wear a mask when entering school, and take "temperature check"。The school should conduct morning and afternoon checks carefully and register truthfully。If students have symptoms such as fever and cough, they should report to the school in time, wear masks correctly, notify parents to escort them to the nearest fever clinic, and avoid taking public transportation during medical treatment。

Do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, in addition to the official information forwarded by the school administrative department or superior authorities, do not forward or fabricate relevant information at will, so as to avoid adverse effects。

       The epidemic has not stopped, and efforts are made to prevent and control it.Let us work together to build a solid barrier of campus epidemic prevention and control with practical actions to ensure life safety and health!

       I wish you a happy life, safe and healthy!Thank you!

Tianfu New District Wan 'an middle school security department

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