Budget statement (Figure)

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1. Basic functions and main work

(1) Main functions。

The main function of Wan 'an Middle School is to carry out basic education。Thoroughly carry out the fundamental task of moral cultivation,Adhere to the "five children simultaneously",Promote the integration of the five children,Promote students' moral, intellectual, physical, American and labor all-round development;The school takes curriculum construction as the core,Strengthen system construction, team construction, environment construction and classroom construction,We will strive to train well-rounded socialist builders and successors,Promote high-quality development of schools。

2. Key tasks for 2021。

1) Strengthen Party organization building。We will steadily carry out activities such as themed Party days and give full play to the exemplary and leading role of Party members。

(2) Strengthen campus security。Epidemic prevention and control and infectious disease prevention work should be carried out on a regular basis, and epidemic prevention materials should be adequately prepared。Do a good job of safety hazards investigation, timely rectification and implementation;Strengthen food safety and hygiene management, strengthen daily inspection and regular training, to ensure the life safety and health of teachers and students。

(3) Strengthen discipline construction and promote the "double reduction" policy。First, enrich the curriculum and improve the quality of after-school services。Second, focus on classroom teaching。Through lectures by experts and famous teachers, class discussion and other forms, teachers are encouraged to change their teaching concepts, optimize teaching behaviors, and strive to create a "good classroom", form classroom teaching characteristics, and improve teaching quality。

(4) Promote the "five fertility integration"。In combination with the opportunities of the construction of provincial education comprehensive reform pilot areas and the construction of provincial physical education integration pilot areas, labor education and national defense education will be integrated into daily moral education work, promote the "five education integration", broaden the channels of education, and promote the healthy growth and all-round development of students。Through a series of moral education theme activities, strengthen students' political and ideological education, cultivate feelings of home and country, and cultivate comprehensive literacy。

(5) Carry out mental health education。Implement mental health education into the classroom, conduct individual, group and family education lectures for special students, and conduct psychological counseling for students through the "Spiritual Covenant" counseling hotline to ensure the physical and mental health of students。Parents should be trained in psychological and family education methods to improve the effect of family education。

6. Improve national defense education。Through flag-raising ceremony, Party history education classes, themed class meetings, hand newspaper copying, watching patriotic movies, national defense research and patriotic theme education activities, etc., national defense education is carried out to cultivate students' patriotic feelings。

(3) Institutional Settings

Sichuan Tianfu New District Wan 'an Middle School has five institutions: office, teaching affairs Office, moral education Office, Security Office and General Affairs Office。

Second, the allocation of the general public budget for 2021

(1) Changes in the allocation scale of the general public budget in the current year

Sichuan Tianfu New District Wan 'an Middle School in 2021 general public budget appropriation of 1264.320,000 yuan, 1,103 more than the 2020 budget.860,000 yuan, an increase of 160.460,000 yuan, an increase of 12.The main reason for the change is the increase in staff requirements compared to last year。

2. Explanation of budgetary expenditures for government-managed funds in 2021

The unit has not used budgetary appropriations from government-managed funds to arrange expenditures。

3. Information on other important matters

(1) Operating expenses of organs

Public funds for Wan 'an Middle School, Tianfu New District, Sichuan in 2021 to maintain the daily operation of the unit: 1.15 million yuan。

(2) Government procurement

The unit will have a temporary non-government procurement plan in 2021

(3) Budget statement of the "three public" funds

The unit has no "three public" expenditure。


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