Brothers unite as one family and the spirit of the nation is passed down from generation to generation

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Dear teachers and students,

    Hello, everyone!The title of my speech today is "Brothers Unite as One Family, The Era of National Spirit".。

    National spirit is the condensed and concentrated expression of national characteristics, and the historical accumulation and sublimation of a nation's long experience. It penetrates into the whole organism of the nation and runs through the entire long river of national history。The national spirit is not an abstract existence, but the common characteristic and mark of the national religion, ethics, customs, science, art and other concrete contents。The land of China is home to many ethnic groups, all of which have contributed their wisdom, effort and sweat to the formation and development of the Chinese nation and the inheritance and promotion of the Chinese civilization。

    There are 56 ethnic groups in our motherland, all of which were formed through long-term mutual absorption, evolution and development of ancient ethnic groups in the context of Chinese history。In the long process of jointly creating China, all ethnic groups in China have forged the great spirit of the Chinese nation。Since ancient times,Chinese people of all nationalities have gradually established close economic, political and cultural ties in practice,The contribution of all ethnic groups in the process of creating China,It is mainly reflected in the mutual absorption of various ethnic groups, the joint exploration of China's border areas, the economic development and mutual promotion, and the enrichment and development of Chinese history and traditional culture.In recent history,The ethnic minorities in border areas have made great contributions and sacrifices in opposing aggression and defending Central China.After the founding of the Communist Party of China,All ethnic groups are under the leadership of the Communist Party of China,He has made important contributions in all historical stages of the Chinese revolution。The spirit of the Chinese nation has been developed and gradually formed with the deepening development of the great cause of China jointly created by all ethnic groups in China。The Chinese national spirit is passed down from generation to generation by the Chinese nation, which consists of 56 ethnic groups. It is the common value of the Chinese nation。

    Although there have been many splits in our history, unity has always been the mainstream。特别是在近代历史上,虽有帝国主义列强的政治挑唆、物资利诱、武力威胁,但各民族人民始终坚守边疆,最终粉碎了帝国主义分裂中国的无数次阴谋,维护了祖国的统一。In the long struggle against imperialism, the spirit of patriotism is the national consciousness deeply rooted in the hearts of all nationalities in our country, and it is a powerful driving force for all nationalities to jointly establish and defend the motherland。

    The Chinese nation has always cherished ethnic unity, respected the customs and habits of fraternal ethnic groups, treated fraternal ethnic groups, especially small and weak ethnic groups, on an equal footing, and lived in harmony with them。Since its founding, the Communist Party of China has been guided by the Marxist concept of the scientific nation, and its goal has been to achieve equality, progress, and common survival and prosperity for all ethnic groups。Due to the scientific nature of the Party's ethnic theory and the correctness of the Party's leadership, the Chinese national spirit formed by all ethnic groups in the process of co-creating China has been further sublimated and refined, injecting strong vitality into the Chinese national spirit, adding new content, and becoming a powerful spiritual driving force for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

    Students, to borrow a lyric as my closing speech today: Fifty-six nationalities fifty-six flowers, fifty-six brothers and sisters are a family, fifty-six languages into a sentence: love my China!

    My speech is finished, thank you!