The eternal one two nine

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    On December 9, 1935, a group of passionate young patriotic students, in order to save the Chinese nation in danger, faced the butcher's knife of the reactionaries, braved bullets, heroically rushed to the streets, issued a just call for "stop the civil war and unanimously resist Japan"。It was the patriotic actions of these young students that set off the climax of the national War of Resistance。

    And in the troubled world of "North China is so big that it cannot already place a calm desk", some people chose to be obedient, resigned to be a slave, some people chose to betray, to be a so-called "junjie" who knew what was going on, but it was a group of weak scholars who chose to resist, chose to shout, and called for freedom。They chose to put down the pen in their hands, raised the banner of unity against Japan, and called on the people to numb the heart of cowardice;They shed their blood, for our peace and prosperity today, paving the way for the revolution ahead。

    But today, the rapid development of society, these old things have long become yellowed history, how many people look at it in the museum quietly sleep, let them slowly dissipate in our memory, that is a sad。How many people really understand this history, and truly cherish the memory of gratitude?

    Students!Put down the high-end mobile phone in your hand, leave the game, leave qq, listen to this history, remember and be grateful for life。Think of them when we are drunk in our life;Think of them when the days of boredom wear away。We have such a peaceful life today, who fought for us?

    Drinking water to think about the source, we have to remember just drop!

    Pain can be forgotten, humiliation can be erased, but the spirit of 12 · 9 is absolutely cannot be lost。If it were not for the blood and sacrifice of these revolutionary predecessors, perhaps there would be no such bright sunshine today, and perhaps we would not be able to sit here so safely。

    We commemorate the September 12 Movement,It is necessary to carry forward the 12 · 9 students love the motherland, tenacious struggle, the courage to compete in the spirit,Apply this spirit to our study,We use it in our workouts,Make themselves useful talents for the motherland,To help the country compete tomorrow,Send a light,To build a foundation for tomorrow's competition,Build up a strength。

    My speech is finished, thank you!