Safety is always in mind

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Dear teachers and students,

    Hello, everyone!The topic of my speech today is "Safety is always in Mind".。

    You know what's important in life?Yes it is safe。Only by ensuring the safety of our lives and lives can everything be meaningful。

    What do you think about when you hear about accidents involving middle school students。At the very least, I think students can imagine that these lessons can cause injury and even death to the victims, no matter who they happen to.It can cause great loss to the families of the victims;It will cause chaos to the normal teaching order of the school;It will have a destabilizing effect on society。Safety issues are related to the vital interests of each of our students, and only safety can escort us。Here, I propose to all students:

    1. Do not chase and play between classes, walk slowly and softly up and down the stairs, keep to the right。

    2. Leave school on time and do not stay on campus。

    3, less than stalls to buy food, do not eat unclean food, drink water to pay attention to hygiene, pay attention to health。

    4, ensure the safety of electricity, do not interfere with the power socket。

    5. You are not allowed to leave the school after entering。In PE class and extracurricular activities, we should pay attention to cooperation with others to prevent equipment injury and ensure safety。

    6. Obey the traffic rules on the way to school and school to prevent traffic accidents。

    7. Go home on time after school, do not stay in the street, do not interact with strangers, cannot accept gifts from strangers, and call emergency calls for help when illegally violated。

    Students, safety is always in the heart, a safe journey in life!Let us wish together under the national flag, wish we go to school safely every day, go home happily, wish our life is full of flowers of security。

    My speech is finished, thank you!