Disaster prevention and mitigation, start from me

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Dear teachers and students,

    Hello, everyone!The topic of my speech today is "Disaster prevention and Mitigation, starting from me".。

    On May 12, 2008, we will always remember this day, Wenchuan earthquake, houses fell, relatives did not, homes became ruins。Those scenes hurt our hearts。

    Students, in order to arouse our attention to disaster prevention and reduction work, enhance the awareness of disaster risk prevention, popularize the knowledge of disaster prevention and reduction, and enhance the ability of comprehensive disaster reduction。The State Council has approved May 12 as the National Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day since 2009

    In recent years, safety education has received more and more attention from all walks of life, and the safety awareness of middle school students has also been enhanced, and the prevention ability has been gradually improved, but serious and deadly accidents still occur from time to time, and the safety problem is not optimistic。In the face of every cruel accident, in the face of every fresh life lost in an instant, every student should regard their own life as the most precious thing, should always care for their own lives and the lives of others。Today, using the time of the flag-raising ceremony, I hope students can remember the following points on the theme of safety:

    First, activities should pay attention to sports safety。

    Physical education class and extracurricular activities before the preparation of activities to be sufficient, exercise should pay attention to not violent collision, so as to avoid injury or fall。

    Second, pay attention to traffic safety on the road。

    Students must obey the traffic rules strictly. They must not run after cars. They must pay attention to the traffic when they cross the road。

    Third, we should have a sense of safety。

    In the conflict between students, to calm, rational, can not happen between students fighting, must consciously abide by the school rules and discipline。If you can't solve the conflict yourself, you must seek the help of your teacher。

    Students, life is beautiful, life is colorful, and the premise of having all this is safety。Therefore, we must always strengthen security awareness, strive to enhance self-prevention ability, so that the alarm bell ringing。

    My speech is finished, thank you!