Promote righteousness and eradicate cults

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Dear teachers and students,

    Hello, everyone!

    The title of my speech today is "Promoting Righteousness and eradicating cults".法轮功邪教组织反人类、反科学、反社会,阻碍人类文明进步,已成公害。Li Hongzhi fabricated fallacies and heresies, propagated "eschatological" lies, created an atmosphere of terror, deified himself, blinded the masses, carried out mind control, and attempted to subvert the people's government。法轮功邪教组织的猖狂活动,严重破坏了社会稳定和家庭幸福。The people have no peace, the family has no peace, the country has no peace, it is bound to affect the smooth progress of our reform and opening up。

    For our contemporary middle school students, we must comply with the requirements of The Times, keep up with the pace of The Times, believe in science, work hard to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, and use their own practical actions to resist all pseudoscience, which is our inescapable responsibility and obligation。Students, let us join hands to create a better tomorrow!

    My speech is finished, thank you!