Strengthen safety awareness to avoid accidental injury accidents

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Dear teachers and students,

    Hello, everyone!

    The topic of my speech today is "Strengthening safety awareness to Avoid the occurrence of accidental injuries".。

    You know what's important in life?Yes it is safe。Only by ensuring the safety of our lives and lives can everything be meaningful。What do you think about when you hear about student accidents。At the very least, I think students can imagine that these lessons can cause injury and even death to the victims, no matter who they happen to.It can cause great loss to the families of the victims;It will cause chaos to the normal teaching order of the school;It will have a destabilizing effect on society。At least will think: if we usually pay attention to traffic safety,Obey traffic rules,There would be no traffic accidents,At least it can be reduced;If we pay attention to food hygiene,Do not eat unhygienic food from roadside stalls,You don't get food poisoning;If we don't slide down the banister,Keep right up and down the stairs,If we don't chase after each other between classes,...We'll have less of it,Not even a bloody accident。At least think: these injuries could have been prevented。Experts believe that through education and prevention, 80% of the accidental injuries of primary and secondary school students can be avoided。

    Safety first, the alarm bell is always ringing, I hope that every one of our students must do:

    1, obey the traffic rules, pay attention to traffic safety, bicycle students do not take people, walking students cross the road to walk zebra crossing, cross the road to look around, until there is no vehicle through, before the past。

    2, do not eat unhygienic food on the roadside stalls, sick to the hospital in time。

    3, do not chase between classes, do not play, go up and down the stairs to the right, do not slide down the handrail of the stairs, go to the turn, to slow down and prevent collisions。

    4, exercise, to observe the rules of exercise, pay attention to self-protection。

    5, do not throw things down from high places, prevent falling things hurt people。

    6. Learn more about safety precautions and risk aversion, and calmly respond to unsafe situations。

    Students, I hope we come to school safely every day and go home happily, let's create our safe campus together!

    My speech is finished, thank you!