Happiness and security

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Dear teachers and students,  

    Hello, everyone! The topic of my speech today is Happiness and Security.。

    Life is precious and it belongs to each of us only once。Health, peace is the best gift of life to everyone who knows its meaning, this is happiness!Safety is more important than Mount Tai, it has always been the most basic lifeline of individuals, families, collectivity and society, and it is the most important guarantee line to maintain personal enjoyment of life and collective stability。 However, in the face of hidden dangers and potential accidents that may exist in life and study, are you prepared to prevent them。Campus safety involves more than 20 kinds of safety hazards in young people's life and study, including traffic accidents, food poisoning, fighting, sports injuries, fire and fire insurance, lightning, drowning, drug abuse, etc., which are always threatening the healthy growth of our students。Safety accidents have become the biggest killer of young people in our country, these lessons of blood are unforgettable for us, reflecting the reality that our students' awareness of safety prevention is not strong, and their ability to respond to emergencies is weak。

    Perhaps many students believe that safety only refers to the safety of the body from harm, that as long as their body is sound, the movement is called safety。In my opinion, this is by no means the whole of security。Even if a person with a sound physique, if his ideological and moral level is low, the ability to distinguish right from wrong is not strong, act of loyalty, trouble, it is shown that the ideological security problem。A person with a healthy physique, if he indulges in the spiritual opium of bad books and online games, the performance is behavioral safety problems。With such unsafe behavior, it is also difficult to read a good book steadily and smoothly。Whether it is personal safety, thought safety or behavior safety, they all have a common feature, that is, the cruelty of the result。Traffic accidents, swimming drowning accidents, sports accidents, after-class games, chasing and fighting accidents, light can hurt the physique, heavy can endanger life, their consequences are cruel。However, the imperfection of thought and morality and the deviance of behavior are more terrible than physical imperfection。Those who lose their spiritual pursuit of health,Lose the right direction in life,The man who has an empty living body is not the product of a broken mind!At best, this "product" is a machine that endlessly absorbs and digests the blood and sweat of the parents,Can only become a waste in the long river of social development,Even become a danger to social development。At present, there have been a lot of casualties caused by ideological, psychological and behavioral deviations among students, exposing the current students in the ideological, psychological and behavioral security risks with universal。One by one shocking, blood and tears intertwined tragedy can not only make people sigh, heart, but also sounded the alarm for our safety。

    My speech is finished, thank you!