A message from President Zhang Guoli


Message to our teachers: Every child is a precious treasure, let us work hard for the happy growth of children, with love to water, with the truth to influence, with wisdom to inspire, with personality to edify, with the ideal to shape this life full of hope and dreams。 Message to our staff: "Because I am in, Wan more wonderful", we must be the master of the attitude into the school work, to be strict with oneself, generous to others, improve quality, efficient work。 Message to our students: love the motherland, love the school, love teachers, love classmates, love those who need our help。I hope you cherish the time in this flower season, study hard, be honest, learn to cooperate, dare to compete, be good at innovation, and steer the boat of life to the other side of success with your ideals。 Message to the majority of students' parents, staff families: the growth of our teachers and students and the development of the school, without your support, love and pay, behind the honor "there is also half of you", our teachers and students will always remember you。